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The step by step guide to Micro-needling


Let’s start by getting to grips with what Micro-needling is:

Micro-needling treatment stimulates the production of collagen in the skin which act as the building blocks to the skins structure. Tiny needles which are encased in a hand held device are applied with a controlled pressure over the face causing disruption to the skin. Since micro-needling promotes a natural wound healing response this enhances the production of collagen, improves the appearance of acne scars, large pores and hyper-pigmentation. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and an overall smoother, plumper and brighter appearance of the skin will occur.


The background to my skin

Since I was a teenager (10 years ago now) my skin has not been the greatest. I had lots of spots and deep cysts and as a result I became a ‘picker’ a bad habit as far as my skin was concerned. I got into wearing makeup that did nothing for my skin, other than clog it up even more... my skin is 100 x better now just for using good skincare products and mineral makeup. Let’s see if we can improve it further….


So will this hurt!?
Two weeks prior, I had to have a consultation to ensure the treatment was right for me. My therapist gave me products to prep my skin. Vitamin A for the evening to assist with the skin’s nightly regenerative cycle which helps to resurface skin texture and minimises fine lines and wrinkles for a balanced skin tone. Vitamin C for daytime to brighten and restore the skin. A B5 hydration serum is also given to keep skin hydrated and nourished (this is for after the treatment).
A numbing cream is applied to your face 30 minutes prior to the treatment being carried out so you do not feel discomfort during it. And did I feel any discomfort? No I didn’t feel any discomfort.


The treatment itself:

Ideally you should not wear any makeup prior to the treatment, a thorough cleanse starts the treatment. Numbing cream is applied (needs 30 minutes to activate). Starting on my forehead my therapist worked over my face applying a moderate pressure. The machine itself is quite noisy but don’t let this put you off, it really does not hurt. It almost feels as if the skin is being scratched very lightly. I had deeper scarring on my cheeks, chin and forehead so my therapist worked on them more and naturally these were redder. A calming, hydrating serum is applied to soothe the skin after the treatment. The process itself took around 30 minutes but the whole treatment time is 1 hour and 15 minutes, this is to allow for the numbing cream to become active and for aftercare.


After the treatment:
So was my face red? Yes it was. Erythema (redness) and blood are very good signs that the treatment has been successful in building new collagen for skin rejuvenation. When the numbing cream wore off, it felt slightly like light sunburn and my skin felt warm and tight.
For me, the downtime was very quick, 4 hours after the treatment the redness had calmed down.
The downtime will differ for everybody and can be anything up to 48 hours later. My skin felt dry for the next 5-7 days and slightly flaky.


It is essential you follow the aftercare given as this can affect the result of the treatment.
I was advised to not touch the area for 48 hours, avoid heat treatments (saunas/steam rooms/hot baths and showers). Avoid exfoliation, scrubs, AHAs, BHAs and vitamin A for at least 48 hours.
Keep skin hydrated and apply recommended soothing cream as directed. Avoid direct sunlight and apply a minimum SPF 30 daily. Avoid sunbeds, avoid exercise and chlorinated water for 48 hours.
Avoid heavy make-up and ensure no waxing, plucking, clay masks, self-tan or facial procedures are carried out for 48 hours.
To use the B5 hydration serum for the next few days or until skin has normalised.

It is recommended for optimum results to have a course of three to six Micro-needling sessions depending on your skin type and skin concern. These are spaced out every 4-6 weeks.


The verdict and results

It’s the week after my treatment and my skin is really glowing, my scars appear less noticeable and my skincare products are absorbing into my skin a lot better. Make up sits much nicer on my skin and overall the appearance of my skin looks smoother and healthier. The kind of healthy you would get from a brisk walk. It has good colour and a fresh glow about it.
Would I have this treatment done again? Without a doubt, yes. I was so pleased with how my skin looked after just one treatment and will defiantly be trying a course of Micro-needling to combat my scarring..... Bye to scarring, hello to smooth even toned skin!

Your first treatment £200 which includes a consultation and *pre-care products Vitamin C, Vitamin A Retinol and Hydr8 B5. 
*(pre-care products only on first treatment)
Thereafter £175 each treatment, 6 weeks apart.
Available at Waterlilies, for more information call the salon 01223 844700.








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