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VPL Safe and Effective Hair Removal

VPL from Energist Medical Group is the latest advance in pioneering Variable Pulsed Light technology. This quick, effective and safe treatment offers an unsurpassed and long-lasting hair removal solution. 

Treat hair all over the body

VPL treatment has been clinically proven to remove hair from all parts of the face and body. The variable settings mean that it can safely and effectively treat the different types of hair found all over the body, from thicker bikini hair to finer facial hair.

How does VPL work?

VPL treatments use short, safe, controlled pulses of filtered light to remove unwanted hair in minutes.

Pulses of red light are absorbed by melanin, the pigment found in hair. This absorption process heats the hair, damaging the follicle, along with its ability to regenerate.

Hundreds of hair follicles are damaged with each pulse, resulting in an easy and effective way to treat unwanted hair.

The Treatment

Your hair type will be determined at your initial consultation, and a test patch will be performed using the VPL settings that best suit your individual needs.


The hair in the treatment area will be trimmed and a cooling gel applied, ensuring that the light absorption is optimised, to give maximum results from your VPL treatment.


The VPL applicator is then placed on the area of your skin to be treated. Your skin will then be exposed to a series of light pulses, flashing in rapid succession. The treatment is fast and can take as little as five minutes on smaller areas.

Seeing results

Hairs treated will fall out naturally over a period of one to three weeks leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking great. 

Due to the growth stages that all hair goes through, several treatments will be required to help prevent hair growth in the area. Our experienced therapists will advise you on how many treatments to be needed depending on hair colour, hair density and site of the hair.


All hair growth cycles are slightly different and some women, at a mature stage in life, will sometimes find that some small hairs will appear gradually over time due to increased hormone activity.



Call us to book your consultation, a patch test or to ask us any questions.


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Before VPL Laser hair removal treatment


After VPL Laser hair removal treatment


"I recently had eight VPL Laser treatments on my underarm area and cannot stress enough how pleased I am with the results. 80% reduction in hair growth and the remaining hair is softer and much finer. Definitely recommend”. 

Carly, Cambridge